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Important Features To Watch Out For In Designer Nappy Bags

Your craze towards buying designer made things is okay, but when it comes to buying a designer nappy bag, it’s important that you don’t just look towards the designer aspect. You should basically look at different things that are going to help you while you carry your baby and this bag. In this post, we will review the top things to take note of while eyeing designer baby bags.

Nappy Bags
Nappy Bags


  • The top thing recommended by the experts is the strap and you should basically look for those having long and adjustable straps.
  • They should help you carry the bag on the shoulders and prevent it from slipping off your arms.
  • The key element is the adjustability of these straps and therefore, you should eye only those having this option first up.

Stroller clips

  • The next important thing to look for in these designer nappy bags is the stroller clips.
  • These clips are very useful as they will help you a lot in an urban environment.
  • In case, your stroller has a large basket that is spacious enough, you should not worry about this aspect at all.

Changing pad

Baby Nappy Bags

  • Another much needed inclusion in designer nappy bag is the changing pad.
  • Fortunately, modern day versions have this feature in-built, therefore you need not worry.
  • But still cross checking its presence is always very handy as this may be and may not be included.
  • Make sure that you check on the size before buying and if you’re keen on this feature, or be prepared to pack a pad or blanket of your own if the included one isn’t big enough.

Extra pockets

Stylish Nappy Bags

  • Designer baby bags without additional pockets for mom’s use is a complete wastage of money.
  • The bag you purchase should have additional pockets for you to store your essential items.
  • Most important part is that these pockets should be easily accessible and spill proof as well.
  • These pockets should be specially designated for mom’s use and storing essentials like keys, cell phone and wallet.

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